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Classes are formatted as semi-private* meaning that at least 2 couples are in each class and price is based on the number of participants.

Prices are per hour-

1 person-$70

1 couple - $60

2 couples - $40 each couple - $20 per single

3 couples and more - $30 each couple - $15 per single

It is suggested that you sign up for at least 4 consecutive weeks to maintain consistent progress

Itís very necessary to preregister. Preregistration is not completed until payment is received. Contact Elayne elayne@elaynesdance.com

*This format can be more effective than the larger group settings. Not only will participants save money they will also be able to retain and apply the information more efficiently and as a result see a faster rate of progress.

The more you talk about dance and encourage others to join the more you save! Discounts are available for you if your contact takes 4 semi-private lessons.

Swing Kids
A troupe of students who practice and perform choreographed dance routines. The ultimate goal of The Swing Kids is to have fun performing at local and regional events, strengthening self-confidence, and gaining a strong sense of accomplishment. Although participation in locally scheduled events is mandatory including day trips to nearby cities, no Swing Kid is required to participate in any overnight trip. Average age 9-19

Weddings & Private Parties
Available for teaching and/or performing